Last week the World Packaging Organization (WPO) announced the results of the international competition “WorldStar for Packaging”, and the work submitted from Latvia – the packaging of the book “Day of Miracles” – was recognized as the winner, and the submitter – “Stora Enso Packaging” Ltd. will receive the winner’s prize. The award ceremony will take place this year on June 15th in Bangkok (Thailand), during the packaging exhibition “ProPak Asia”.

In the “WorldStar” competition 435 works from 41 countries competed for the prestigious award. The works were evaluated by an international jury with 44 experts from more than 40 global packaging organizations. Works were evaluated in a ten-point system, and the received points ranked “Stora Enso Packaging” Ltd. among 214 winners. It should be noted that the packaging made in Latvia participated in the competition category “Toys” and is the only recipient of the award in this category.

The book packaging is designed as packaging for both transportation and trade. The packaging is also given a second life – the mail pigeon can be cut from the box and folded following the punch lines and used as a cardboard toy or decorative object. The book is placed in a box, and the package looks like a gift that can be sent by mail. Such primary packaging replaces the plastic film cover for the book, it is made from suitably fitted material – light, durable corrugated cardboard, which contains recycled paper.

It should be noted that in 2022, the packaging for the book “Day of Miracles” won the 1st place in the presentation packaging category in the national competition “The Best Packaging in Latvia – Latvia Star”, organized by the Packaging Association of Latvia, and thus was nominated for participation in the WPO competition.

Latvian companies have already received twenty-two awards since 1998, when they started participating in the prestigious “WorldStar” competition – the works of companies “VG Kvadra Pak”, “Stora Enso Packaging”, “Tukuma Piens”, “Latvijas Balzams”, “Dobeles Dzirnavnieks” and others have been awarded.

“WorldStar for Packaging” is the largest professional competition in the world, and the winner’s award is a recognition of outstanding achievement in the packaging industry. The WPO has been organizing the competition since 1970, inviting the best packages from Europe, Asia, America, Africa nominated by national competition juries to apply for participation. The winners of the competition are determined by an international jury, which includes representatives from the world’s packaging organizations, associations and institutes.

The Packaging Association of Latvia (PAL) is an organization that represents entrepreneurs of Latvia – packaging manufacturers, traders, users, experts. Since 1996, PAL has been a full member of the World Packaging Organization (WPO). The main goals of PAL: to ensure the development of the packaging industry, the introduction of advanced packaging technologies, the establishment of rational used packaging management systems in the country, targeted communication in relations with the legislator, consumers, society.

The packaging of the book DAY OF MIRACLES
Submitter, manufacturer: STORA ENSO PACKAGING Ltd.| Customer: SJSC LATVIJAS PASTS |
Construction: Iveta PĒRKONE, STORA ENSO PACKAGING Ltd. |