Packaging Association of Latvia is an organization that consolidates entrepreneurs of Latvia – packaging manufacturers, traders, users, experts – legal entities.

Packaging Association of Latvia (PAL) is a voluntary, independent, non-governmental and non-political organization that was founded on 15-th of June 1995. Its members are legal entities – enterprises, organizations and educational institutions that support the goals of the Association and accept the Statutes of the Association.

Since 1996 PAL is the full members of World Packaging Organization (WPO) that guarantees participation in important industry events, in international packaging competitions and professional education projects, as well as extensive information opportunities on current events and development trends in the global packaging industry.

PAL is a member of European Packaging Institutes Consortium (EPIC), Employers’ Confederation of Latvia, Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, National automatic identification organization GS1, Association of Latvian Printing Companies as well as a member of the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia and NGOs and the Advisory Council of the Latvian Environmental Protection Fund, as well as the Employers’ Confederation of Latvia Sector Expert Council.


The goal of the Association – to ensure the development of the packaging industry, the introduction of advanced packaging technologies and the establishment of rational used packaging management systems in the country.

Tasks of the Association
  1. Consolidation of Latvian manufacturers, traders and consumers of packaging for solving topical issues in packaging industry;
  2. Implementation of operational and target programs of the Association;
  3. Promotion of the development of the packaging industry, including the implementation of all types of quality systems and requirements, and improvement of the qualification of those employed therein;
  4. Promotion and support of environmentally-friendly entrepreneurship (business activity) and management of packaging waste;
  5. Informing the Association members on topicalities of the packaging industry and consulting in the field of packaging, as well as  provision of information interchange between members of Association;
  6. Supporting members of the Association and representation of interests in relations with state and local government institutions, non-governmental organizations and other legal entities, as well as foreign institutions and organizations, so far as this is not contrary to the objectives of the Association;
  7.  Participation in the improvement of legislation in the field of packaging, including its coordination with the requirements and recommendations of European Union directives, drafting of laws and professional socio-economic expertise.
  8. Cooperation and participation with foreign and international packaging industry organizations, research and practical application of their experience;
  9. Promoting the packaging industry, including cooperation and participation in the organization of exhibitions, seminars and competitions, preparation and publishing of informative and educational materials;
  10. Organizing and promoting education and training in the field of packaging in Latvia and abroad;
  11. Collaboration with secondary and higher education institutions, science and research institutions for the development and implementation of training programs, as well as realization of scientific research in the field of packaging;
  12. Participation in preparing, supporting, directing and coordinating various packaging projects;
  13. Maintaining and improving the information database of the Latvian packaging industry.
Methods of operation of the Association:
  1. Co-operation with Latvian and foreign packaging industry organizations, entrepreneurs (merchants), as well as state and local government institutions;
  2. Formation of expert groups for solving topical issues of the packaging industry and involvement in the working groups of competent institutions;
  3. Formation of working groups for the implementation of the goals and tasks of the Association;
  4. Promotion of the mutual exchange of information between the members of the Association;
  5. Purposeful attraction of the media for popularization of LIA goals, cooperation and participation in the organization of exhibitions, conferences, seminars, competitions, as well as distribution of informative literature in the field;
  6. Co-operation with educational institutions, organization of educational campaigns and development of projects.
Organizational structure

The highest decision-making body of the Association is the Members’ Meeting. Between the Members’ Meetings, activities of PAL are managed and the implementation of the decisions of the members’ meeting are organizes, as well as the association is represented by the Board with 5 Board members, including the Chairman of the Board and the Deputy Chairman.