On April 26, 2023, the XXV jury meeting was held online for the competitions UKRAINIAN PACKING STAR, UKRAINIAN LABEL and PACKAGING OF THE FUTURE, which were organized by the Club Packagers of Ukraine with the informational support of the magazine Packaging and supported by companies Windmöller & Hölscher, Flexores, Heidelberg Printing Machines Ukraine and the Ukrainian Packaging Ecological Coalition.

This year, 45 samples of packages and labels from 26 companies from 13 cities of the country, from Lviv in the West to Sumy in the East, took part in the competitions. For the first time, foreign companies from Poland, Turkey and Latvia took part in the competitions for the best packaging and label. For the PACKAGING OF THE FUTURE competition, 41 packaging samples and 22 label samples developed by young designers from ten universities and academies from five cities of Ukraine were submitted.

The expert jury was represented by well-known packaging specialists in Ukraine and abroad:

  • Valerii Kryvoshei, Editor-in-Chief of the magazine Packaging (Chairman of the Jury);
  • Iveta Krauja, Chairwoman of the Board of the Packaging Association of Latvia;
  • Dmytro Tkachuk, Commercial Director of Flexores;
  • Andrzej Kornacki, Chairman of the Board of the Polish Packaging Association and regional manager of the Futamura company;
  • Dmytro Melnikov, Sales representative of Heidelberg Printing Machines Ukraine;
  • Veronika Khalaydzhi, President of the Club Packagers.

After a frank professional discussion, the jury determined the winners of the contests. Thus, in the UKRAINIAN PACKING STAR competition, in accordance with the results, the works from 3 countries received awards:


  • Vesna PPC, LLC – for packaging series of TM Ardema (aroma diffuser and aroma candles) and packaging for a gift set of Uzbek sparkling wine Salute;
  • Konvi-Pack, LLC – for a paper bag “sachet” white transparent Konvi-Pack;
  • Premier Group, LLC – for a box of Chocoboom. We are from Ukraine;
  • Monopak, LLC – for packaging series for seasonings Culinary Masterpiece;
  • NVP Aventin, LLC– for a biodegradable bag (suitable for composting) for loose products;
  • Attolis, LLC – for a box for Mesoform Pro cosmetology device;
  • PackGroup – for a bottle of BVP-150 ml;
  • Integra-Group, PE – for the Show-Box;
  • Cascade, LLC – for a gift box New Year’s box with a magnetic valve lock;
  • PC Gemini, PE – for a tin can for a New Year’s gift;
  • Izmail pulp and paperboard plant, PJSC – for self-assembling tray series made of corrugated cardboard for fruit and vegetable products;
  • PTK Polymercentre, LLC – for innovative box series for logistics: a larger box NS4335 and a smaller NS6430;
  • Maria Khomenko, designer – for packaging for the New Year’s gift Magic Portal of the Biscuit-Chocolate corporation.


  • Brandbox, LLC  – for packaging series for Dr. Pakalns brand products and Dr. Pakalns brand products for children;
  • VG Kvadra Pak, JSC – for packaging series for oatmeal For a strong Ukraine;


  • Mondi Warszawa Sp. z o.o. – for Smart DelightBox (a functional box with a handle);
  • Mondi BZWP Sp. z o.o. – for Kvety LEGO packaging for flowers;

The winners of the UKRAINIAN LABEL competition were:

  • Technologies of modern design, LLC – for a series of labels for TM Omega oil;
  • Brandbox, LLC (Latvia) – for the Steinhauer’s beer label and the House of Riga Black Balsams hot drink label;
  • Ukrainian-German Joint venture Poli Pak, Ltd – for the Krynytsia non-carbonated drinking water label;

Special awards from the Packaging Association of Latvia – participation in the competition The Best Packaging in Latvia – received a tin can for a New Year’s gift produced by PC Gemini, PE and packaging for eyebrow care products produced by Abris Print, LLC.

The special award of IAC Packaging received:

  • packaging for the production of The British Snacks Co. produced by Evotek.Inc, LLC;
  • patriotic packaging series for sweets PPO, Solodky oberig Lukasia, Patron, Sharzan patriotic produced by Tatrafan, LLC;
  • label for latex deep matte paint Deos by the JDesign Branding Agency.

In addition, in accordance with the terms of the UKRAINIAN PACKAGING STAR competition, the jury identified three packages as contenders for the special UKRAINIAN ECOSTAR prize.

They became:

  • packaging for The British Snacks Co. products produced by Evotek.Ink, LLC;
  • biodegradable bag (suitable for composting) for loose products produced by NVP Aventin, LLC;
  • self-assembling tray series made of corrugated cardboard for fruit and vegetable products produced by Izmail Pulp and Cardboard Plant, PJSC.

The winner of the special prize UKRAINIAN ECOSTAR 2023 will be determined by the partner of the competition – the Ukrainian Packaging and Environmental Coalition.

The jury also identified three packages – contenders for the special prize UKRAINIAN CREATIVE STAR 2023.

They became:

  • Ardema TM packaging series (aroma diffuser and aroma candles) produced by Vesna PPC, LLC;
  • Kvety LEGO packaging for flowers produced by Mondi BZWP Sp. z o.o. (Poland);
  • box Show-Box produced by Integra-Group, PE.

The winner of the special prize UKRAINIAN CREATIVE STAR 2023 will be determined by the competition’s partner – the Union of Designers of Ukraine.

All samples that participated in the UKRAINIAN PACKING STAR and UKRAINIAN LABEL contests from May 1, 2023 will be displayed on the page of the Club of Packers of Ukraine in Facebook (

The organizers invite everyone to vote for the best packaging. The package that receives the most votes will receive the audience’s favorite prize, and the manufacturing company will be awarded a prize.

The organizers congratulate all the participants of the competitions and wish them new creative successes and victories.