. Text by Iveta Krauja

The Japan Packaging Contest is held every year under the sponsorship of the Packaging Institute with the aim of promoting development and spread of high-quality packages and packaging technologies throughout the country. With  the five features shown below, it is the national greatest and most influential contest in this field.                     

GOOD PACKAGING Mark for Superior Package

The contest is intended for determining the state-of-the-art  of Japan’s current packaging technology. The year’s best packages are selected in view of materials, concept, technology, design, logistics, sales promotions, ideas, environment, suitability and various other functions. All prize-winning packages will be permitted to use the GOOD PACKAGING mark representing their excellent quality. 

All Good Packages  to be Exhibited                                                                                  

All packages winning awards in the Japan Packaging Contest were displayed in the International Exhibition Tokyo Pack 2022 that was opened in October, 12, at East Halls of the Tokyo Big Sight – the important fairs center  of  Japan and all Asia.  Exhibited categories of Tokyo Pack: packaging materials and machinery, printing machinery, packaging design and communication, logistics and transport equipment etc.                            

Excellent Examples of Appropriate Packages                                                                                  

In each product category particularly excellent or highly improved products are selected based on the judgement on whether they are designed thoroughly for users’ sake, consistent with functional requirements, small in surplus space, weight and cost, are compatible with resource and labor-saving requirements. In the category of transportation, importance is also placed, in addition to the above criteria, to systematization, which contribute to the modernization of physical distribution.                                                 

Encompassing from Design to Logistics                                                                                          

Ranging from individual packaging to outer packaging, the GOOD PACKAGING Contest covers all types of packaging, including  consumer packaging and transport packaging. „Encompassing design to logistics” is the contest’s unique and most important feature.  Special awards JAPAN STAR were given by the Minister of Economy, Trade  and Industry; Presidents  – of Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry; of Japan Package Design Association; of Japan Marketing Association; of Japan Graphic Design Association; of Japan Packaging Institute etc.                                                                                           

Entry for AsiaStar and WorldStar Competitions                                                                           

Packages winning awards in the Japan Packaging Contest are admitted to the AsiaStar, which is held under sponsorship of the Asian Packaging Federation (APF). Furthermore, selected packages will be permitted to enter the WorldStar competition held by World Packaging Organization (WPO) for the competition with packages from different countries all over the world.